All of the beats that I create are located at my distributer. This is how I make sure I get paid from each of my streams! It’s not much money, but every little bit counts so I can focus more on giving you guys quality work.  Thank you for support, and let me know what you want to hear in the future.

A Trapped Nation (Trap)

Barbarians (Trap)

Bless Him On This One! (Gospel Type Instrumental)

Capital Brass Track 2010 Instrumental (Dirty South)

Club Hoppers (Pop)

Good Vs Evil (Dubstep) 

I’m Done! (My Style Of Hip Hop)

Let’s Rock (Rock/Hip Hop)

Let’s West Together (West Coast)

On Dubbs (Dubstep)

Orchestra Hip Hop Beat 1 (Orchestra/Hip Hop)

Orchestra Hip Hop Beat 2 (Orchestra/Hip Hop)

R&B Hit (R & B)

Son Of Man Instrumental (Hip Hop Gospel Type)

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