About Capital J Productionz

I have been producing music since 17 years old. Music will always be my number one in my heart! After getting well rounded in music I started to look into ways that I can get my name out more so that led me into website building, then I moved into creating artwork, eventually moving into creating games.

I like to be creative with everything that I do so you will hear that in my music. I grew up in South Central, L.A, and in Inglewood for majority of my life. My mother had seven kids, and raised us by herself. Growing up was rough for me because my Dad was crazy, and my Mom was a self taught Preacher.

I got to see both sides of what happens when you choose to do good vs choosing to do evil! Going through all of that help me mold who I am today! Growing up I always loved music, It was my way to escape my harsh reality. I started off listening to Gangsta Rap, even though i hated the messages in Rap…

I did love the beats. One day my Mother bought my older Brother a keyboard and the rest was history for me! Once I got on the keys, I got hooked! After practicing for years, I started to learn how to mix and master on my own. My goal is not to make it in the music industry, my goal is to share my talent to the world!

I do music for the love, not for the money… If it was about the money, I would have quit a long time ago! That is the main problem of today’s artist, they are all chasing fame, money, women, and cars when they should be chasing greatness! My goal is to create great music, if i gain a little money from it… Then that’s a bonus!

I know how to create any type of music, in any type of genre! It took years for me to accomplish this, but it was worth it. Most music producers just copy what the up to date producers are doing. I’m trying to sound like me, not like everybody else! I’m not here to knock what the next man do…

I just don’t see the purpose of us having all this great technology, sounds, kicks, snares, hi hats, just to be making the same style of beats! So with me you will be hearing all kinds of hip hop beats. Currently, I am using Logic 9 to create all my stuff on. Over the years I have used everything but what I learned is…

It’s not about what you’re using… It’s about who’s using it! So check out all the videos, i’m here to help anyone as my Father, GOD has help me to become who I am today. If you want to support me you don’t ever have to give me money, just play my music, give me a like, or a comment on what you think… It helps a lot!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a blessed day!

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