I’m Done! -Free Hip Hop Type Beat Video

Im done is a “my type” hip hop beat that is free to download. A lot of producers are able to copy styles but what about their own style? That is why i created this hip hop beat! I wanted to hear something different, something that stands out, and that is almost completely original.

Author: Capital J Productionz

I have been producing music since 17 years old. Music will always be my number one in my heart! After getting really well rounded in music i started to look into ways that i can get my name out more so i started to get into website building, (Myspace at the time.) and it just moved on to creating artwork, then i eventually got into creating games. I like to be creative, solve problems for myself, and others as well. I am a easy going married man with one kid from a prior relationship, and three step kids in my current marriage. I am 39 years young, served GOD for nearly most of my life. I grew up in South Central, L.A, and in Inglewood for majority of my life. My mother had seven kids, and raised us by herself. Growing up was rough for me cause my Dad was crazy, and my Mom was a self taught Preacher. I got to see both sides of what happens when you choose to do good vs choosing to do evil! Going through all of that help me mold who i am today! GOD is my Father, and the leader in my life! You will hear me mention him a lot in my post, videos, and pretty much whatever i create. I don't expect anyone to believe what i say, or make it mandatory to believe what i believe in. GOD allows us to make choices and i follow that principle on this site as well... No one shall be judged here! I'm the type of person that accept people for who they are, and try to appreciate them for who they are. We can learn from anybody, and anything! So if you ever need anything please feel free to hit me up. I know a lot about most things that you trying to accomplish. Thanks for stopping by, Jason

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