Cinnamon Artwork

Author: Lizzy Liz80

I am a simple woman. I love music, art, creating art, reading books, challenging myself to new things, and i have a passion for cooking. I love being a Mother, and a girlfriend to my man. (sorry guys but i am taking) My main goal in my life is to become a "full time working from home mom!" I am a open book! I love, love! Fairy tale love stories are my favorite, reading comics, business books, and any book that will help me become a better woman. One of my main goals is to get married this year but because of the Corona virus... Lol... I might have to reschedule! Anyway, i am an admin here so if you need any help with anything then feel free to post on my page, hit the inbox, or just email me and i will get back to you whenever i can. Have a good day, thanks for stopping by! Smooches!

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